Tahoma Associates

Bridging the Gap in Human Services

Individualized personal supportsBeyond Employment


Tahoma strives to provide individualized personal supports to meet the needs of our Associates.  We are happy to discuss with you how we could be of service.  From advocacy to information and referral; from government and private funding to hosted services, Tahoma is able to provide, please tell us how you would like us to support you (253) 627-7980.




Community Access


Community Inclusion

Individuals whose personal goals do not include employment can participate in community events they enjoy and which expand their circle of friends.  Individualized activities are facilitated by staff, linking them to others who share common interests in learning, sports, religion, culture and community. 




Trips and Fun Disneyland


Trips and Fun

Every year Tahoma Associates hosts an annual Picnic and Christmas Party.  These two events celebrate everyone's hard work throughout the year.  They are also a great opportunity for friends to catch up and just have a good time! Trips to Disneyland, Las Vegas, Silverwood, and other places have also played a roll in helping our Associates fulfill their goals of travel and fun.

Many individuals accrue vacation time and are not afforded the opportunities to partake in these types of "get-aways."  Trips provide a way for them to use this time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.