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Greetings Everyone -

2018 marked a year of change for Tahoma Associates.  Scott Rapp, the longtime Executive Director for Tahoma Associates, retired on December 31, 2017, but remains a key contributor to our efforts. 

The changes continued throughout the year with the closure of the Group Supported Employment training program based in Tacoma and our Pre-vocational training program on February 28, 2018.  For those participating in these programs, through individualized assesments and feedback, we were able to ensure clients maintained a high level of engagement in programs consistent with their personal wants and needs.  We acknowledge change can be difficult and complex and are pleased with our staff who worked diligently to make each individual transition meaningful.

Currently, Tahoma’s services include Individual Employment, Community Inclusion, Group Supported Employment (Harbor Mobile Crew – Gig Harbor) and our Group Home and Supported Living Residential programs.

Through the transition, and as 2018 closes out, of the 52 Individual Employment only (others are IE and DVR) participants, 35 are employed at minimum wage or higher; 23 Group Supported Training Associates experienced 100% participation; and our staff is supporting 27 participants in the Community Inclusion program as they endeavor to pursue activities within their community.  Additionally, we continue to maintain two Group Homes and staff accordingly, to provide support for the residents and our Supported Living services.  

Achieving and maintaining a high level of deliverable, meaningful services is at the core of Tahoma Associates and our relationship with our clients.  We pride ourselves in developing outcomes based on personal choice and individual need.

As we move through 2019, please stay tuned for progress updates on growing the Residential Services program and increasing our supports in Employment, Training and Community Inclusion. 

Thank you for your continued participation as part of the Tahoma Associates family.  Your feedback is valued and appreciated.  We look forward to continue operating at the highest level of commitment in the coming years.


Mark Kjelland, Executive Director